About Us

Pastor Armida Schulha

Pastor Schulha is a missionary, who powerfully carries the message in both Canada and in the fields and churches of Mexico. 

A Mexican-Canadian, Rev. Schulha started this Ministry to help meet the needs of the poor in Mexico. She and the board members are all volunteers, and are deeply committed to meeting the physical and spiritual needs of the Mexicans by  raising funds to help build churches, and schools, and provide food and clothing to orphans and those in greatest need. With God`s help and yours, we believe this mission will be accomplished.

Armida was born in La Paz, Baja California, Mexico.  At the age of four she was gravely ill and not expected to live.  However, God’s plans are not thwarted. Although Armida knew of God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, she never knew them personally.

Shortly after losing her mother and mother-in-law, both of whom she loved very much, the Lord spoke to Armida and convicted her of her sins and her need of salvation.  At the peek of her social life and comfort in wealth, Armida asked Jesus to enter her heart and started a close personal relationship with the Saviour of the world.  Jesus became real to her. 

Armida speaks to Him and He speaks into her life because of her child-like faith and obedience to Him.  In 1964, she married her beloved husband, Art and moved to Canada.Armida has been blessed with the gifts of speaking the Word of God boldly declaring the truth and with prophesy which reveals to her and others the will of God. 

Armida has lived a life loving the lord side by side with her God fearing husband Art Schulha for 46 years doing all they can to help others in need and share the love of Abba Father.

100% To The Lord's Work

Pastor Schulha is determine to be unlike other organizations that rewards themselves large salaries and puts donations towards costs that don't benefit the people.... NO, she has given everything she had and has to the people, and reserves all donations to feeding, providing clothing, safety and health care to those in need! Her motto "100% of everything belongs to the lord."

This Nonprofit charity is changing lives every day, support our cause and donate so we can continue our work.