Our Cause

Come To The Waters Ministries

Is an international Christian Mission to help the poor and needy, to bring the 
word of the Lord to those in desperate need up uplifting, support, 
faith and in need of unconditional love. 
CTTWIM provides food, medicine, help, guidance to those in 
underprivileged cities, communities, and villages, internationally.
Godly acts of kindness can change the world!
Come To The Waters is a mission that knows that the road to salvation is a tight and narrow one... It knows that for the world to see a glimpse of peace, one must be a light of kindness, giving, unselfishness for any and all who are in need... It is a non-profit organization that instills the water-like peace of the Lord Most High to everyone's life.

Pastor Armida Schulha has spent almost 20 years traveling to the people who have nothing, and who feel that the Lord has forgotten them..... she shows them, He is there with a miracle in hand... And that ALL things are possible to those who believe in Him.
Pastor Schulha has sold her own home and all her prize possessions, and has put all proceeds to bettering the lives of those needing love, food, housing, and medical attention!
She sponsors families and communities... she is spreading the message that a better life starts with giving, believing, and following the laws of God. Through this she has touched thousands, turned the impoverished into the privileged, the weak into the unbreakable, the homeless into the greatly blessed, and the cold-heart into sympathetic care-givers. Donations helps only one person at a time, but the love God through one person is a tsunami impacting all those seeking a change! We are a change, we by our actions are a mission, we by our love are another's hope, and that power starts with unselfishness; stretching out our hand not knowing how many will grab on, but having the courage to help and say "I am here."..... one cannot look away from suffering, we are to be loved and share love.. That is more than a mission, it is the root of our being, the very principle of the Lord etched on the curves of hearts.
Act on that calling, and help Pastor Schulha to continue to impact innumerable lives, that will cause a pay-it-forward reaction to endless amounts of people.... Poor or rich, everyone needs love that comes with no terms, no conditions but full of patience, forgiveness and encouragement... We all need to find the waters that cleanse us and make us feel like a new person.... give us crystal clarity of who we are, who we can be, and who God made us to be!
Those waters are found at Come To The Waters... Immerse yourself into the right mission!

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ZANQARA is one our proud sponsors, giving 10% of their sales to our cause. Luxury is the art of giving.